The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide

Is this you?....

You want to learn to play the guitar but know absolutely nothing about it, you don’t have time to take lessons from a teacher and who has time to drive there? You’re overwhelmed by figuring out where to start. And most of all, you DONT have 50$/week to pay for one 30 minute guitar lesson!

Great news! I have just the thing you need...

My names Justin Sours and I’m a guitar teacher who has a YouTube channel with 105k+ subscribers and over 30 million views.

Never before has there been a method so Easy, so simple and so practical. Everything you need to know to start playing is right here!

Click the link below now and I’ll show you how easy it can be to learn the guitar!


Warning: This is not some extremely complex, impossible to understand method where some guitar guru preaches music theory that you can’t understand. Nope!

The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide is a real world, laser focused, extremely easy to understand guide that can teach literally anyone (no matter their talent or ability) to play the guitar!!

Let me tell you a story...

When I decided to take on learning the guitar I was under the impression that in-person lessons were the best option. What better way to learn guitar then having a real life teacher sitting in front of you telling you what to do right? So I went to my local guitar shop and decided to sign up for a lesson, when they told me 30$ for a 30 minute lesson, I initially thought “wow, this can add up fast!” and “what can I possibly learn in 30 minutes?”.

The big day of my first lesson finally arrived a week later and I arrived early. 1pm was the time of my lesson and there I was, eagerly awaiting my lesson to start, but no teacher. 1:03 rolls around, no teacher, finally at 1:07 my teacher rolls in, smelling like smoke and introduces himself. His introduction and small talk lasts until about 1:15.

The whole time I’m thinking, this guy got here late, he’s going to start the time when he starts actually teaching.

Not the case at all!!

1:30 rolls around and he says, “That’s all the time we have, are you paying by cash or check?”

Are you serious?!

I was young then, was kind of in shock this guy just took $30 from me and I had absolutely nothing to show for it except to bring a binder for next time. I was a kid, I worked hard for the $30 I paid for the lesson. I gave the teacher the benefit of the doubt and said I’d try it again.

The day the second lesson rolled around, once again I show up right on time and he’s teaching a little kid how to play. 1:05 rolls around, he’s ready for me to come into his room, all I can think in my head is  “hurry up little kid, leave! You’re on my time now”!

The little kid leaves with his mom. The teacher greats me and says “hey man, it’s been a long morning, you mind if I go for a smoke? I haven’t had one all day”.

What?! The nerve of this guy!

Comes back in at 1:17 and I get a 13 minute lesson with this guy before once again he kicks me out for his next student.

60$, my time and my gas to get to his studio FOR WHAT?!


Don’t pay a stranger a $1/min to make a half assed attempt to teach you guitar.

My guide is CLEAR AND TO THE POINT, it cuts out the fluff, shows you what you need to know, and tells you exactly what you need to practice so you can learn to play.

The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide builds the perfect foundation for your journey into learning the guitar!

I think you see my point. Some of you are probably thinking, well you just got a bad guitar teacher.. well what if I told you I initially tried 4 more teachers with the similar problems.

So The second teacher I tried would just say “play this” and play for 10 minutes some random complicated lick or song where he was basically showing off his skills while I sat and watched, I learned nothing!

The third teacher sat and talked theory and I don’t even really remember him even picking up his guitar at all. He would tell me all about the circle of 5ths, modes, Jazz styles (I didn’t even want to learn to play jazz) etc. Waste of time!

The last teacher tried to teach me all about the styles of his music he likes and that’s it. I don’t want to create my style based off your weird taste in music!

Avoid all this, grab this guide and you don’t have to go to any studio 10 miles away once a week. You won’t need to spend tons of hard earned $$$ trying to figure out which guitar teacher is reliable, on time, or your style. Let me show you how to play and help you build a rock solid foundation for learning the instrument.


Do you feel that something is always missing in lessons you watch on YouTube?

Is it just me or do you feel like every guitar lesson video EVER leaves out some key piece of information? They make is seem so easy to understand some complicated riff or so easy to play some complicated song or understand some complicated concept.

Let’s get it straight, some things aren’t easy, some things are difficult to understand after all we are real people trying to learn and not music majors from Iliad school of music.

The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide is for Real everyday people, who have jobs, go to school, have kids and who feel the stresses of life. Learn guitar at your own pace and skip out on all the extra fluff, avoid the headaches, teach yourself with this easy to understand and effective guide!


So, what's included?!

The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide covers everything you need to know to get off your feet and get you playing the guitar ASAP.

But that’s not all! For a limited time I’ll throw in the Key Points to Remember Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet is a great little cliff note to keep with you that reiterate that keeping it simple is key.

I will also through in The Absolute Beginner Exercise Guide. This guide shows you the most common beginner guitar exercises to practice when it comes to learning chords, and strumming the guitar.

The best part!

The going rate for Guitar lessons now days averages at 50$ per 30 minute lesson. During one in person lesson, as I stated before, there’s no guarantee to what your teacher may or may not do. To learn the amount of Information presented and practice time in the guide it would take you an estimated 60 hours in lessons. That would cost you 4000$ in lessons.

The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide normal price is $59.99.

BUT For a limited time I’m willing to give you the The Absolute Beginner Guitar Guide, The Absolute Beginner Exercise Guide, and the Key Points to Remember Cheat Sheet for $25.


Trust me, if you work hard for your money

If you don’t want to gamble with thousands taking chances with guitar teachers you find online

If you want proven results

And if you want learning the guitar to finally make sense,

I’m so certain that you’ll see the extreme benefits of this guide that if you don’t I’ll give you your money back – It’s that EASY!



Many guides, courses, lessons and guitar teachers leave lessons vague. They play a face melting riff or rock out an entire song and they DON’T fill in the gaps. They show you how awesome their skills are but don’t show you the exercises that you need to practice in order to be able to play like them. This leaves you to waste your time, testing your own exercises, trying to discover some magical way that your brain can learn to play the stuff they just played.

This is where my method comes in!

I’ve done all the work for you. I show you ONLY the things you need to know and cut out all the fluff. I show you the exercises to practice in order to progress. I tell you what to do, you do it, you see your results.

I get it, You don’t have much time, who does these days?

(Do you want to learn the guitar but don’t know where to start?… Then this is for you! )

Discover how to play the guitar and learn to play with the easiest method possible.

No prior knowledge needed!

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