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Message from the author: Justin Sours – GUITAR MADE EASY: A Complete Step by Step Guide To Learning Guitar

Dear Friend,

Yes, YOU! You’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar haven’t you?.. You’ve always wanted to be that 1 in 100 people that knows how to play the guitar that everyone loves, the person that can express themself through music, creative or to simply explore the interesting life of being a musician…

AND if you want to learn without paying literally thousands for pricey guitar lessons, dedicating your life to learning how to read traditional musical notation, without learning all those stupid songs like “camptown races”, “polly wolly doodle” and “hot cross buns” that all the guitar teachers will teach you as a beginner, or dedicating your existence to learning BORING music theory, then pay close attention to what I am about to say:

GUITAR MADE EASY was made for you.

Ok, so what is “Guitar Made Easy” and how’s it different?

“GUITAR MADE EASY” is a complete step by step guide to learning how to play the guitar. This guide tells you EXACTLY what to do, and what direction to take when it comes to anything. You’ll Learn extremely fast and most importantly, YOU’LL STICK WITH IT – as opposed to the other 90% of people who buy their first guitar, play for a week and then the guitar ends up in storage or becomes a dust magnet. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll learn to play with this course, you’ll be playing your favorite songs you hear on the radio in virtually no time at all. The beauty of this EASY method is we keep you interested by teaching you the REAL WORLD songs and RIFFS you want to play and cut out all the unwanted crap!

Wait a minute.. Aren’t there tons of free guitar lessons and an endless supply of guitar info readily available to me right now? You betcha. And good luck dedicating your life going through it all. You’re just as well off going to a library and pulling every book about guitars off the shelf. Sure you’ll find tons of information, but how much time will you waste going through all of them. How much of that info will you actually use? If you do stick with it and if you do try teaching yourself from YouTube and from Tab sites you’ll learn a few songs… If you stick with it, you’ll eventually figure out what website has decent tabs and which ones are filled with ads and popups bogging down your browser. If you continue in your journey, you’ll even learn a few basic chords that you may get pretty good at. And if you don’t lose focus at this point and stick with it long enough, you’ll eventually even get to play some of your favorite songs. How great is that?…

Why don’t you learn through a PROVEN course that tells you WHAT TO LEARN, WHAT INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW and IN THE PROPER ORDER so that you develop as a musician in record time!

Ok, let me give you some examples: There’s a guitar website on the net that teaches you what “Natural Harmonics” are for one of the very first lessons… That’s great and natural harmonics are a must if you’re Eddie Van Halen and you’ve been studying music at NYU, but… how’s that going to help you learn how to play the newest Mumford & Sons song for next week’s talent show or the party you’re having at your house?

Example 2, TONS of other guitar websites start you off with learning how to read sheet music and musical notation. To them, Guitar Tabs are considered cheating! You don’t even start learning guitar chords till the 3rd month IF YOU HAVE ANY OUNCE OF MOTIVATION LEFT. 80% of all the rock guitarists that we know and love out there don’t know anything about musical notation, why should you!?

Guitar Made Easy: A Complete Step by Step Guide To Learning How To Play The Guitar teaches you the way you were meant to learn. Guitar Made Easy teaches you EXACTLY what to practice and for EXACTLY how long before you should start to learn it. In fact, This is EXACTLY how I (Justin Sours) the author learned how to play guitar. The PROOF is in the pudding. In my course, I share with you exactly what to do to GET GOOD FAST and what not to do. I also share tons of SECRETS that none of the greats will ever tell you which have made them “The Greats”. Everything is right here, organized, and waiting for you to say “I wanna get started today” and not stop procrastinating. Just think, if you would have read this and acted last week, you could be impressing your friends and showing off for family RIGHT NOW!


Justin Sours


“What about private guitar lessons at the local guitar shop?..”

Are you the CEO of a major corporation? A “trust fund baby”? Or Lebron James? If you are… GO FOR IT! You can totally afford it… The truth is most of us can’t. $30-$60 per 30 minute lesson?! No wonder they call them “Starving Musicians” and no wonder Jewel had to live in her car for so many years… she was paying off guitar lessons…

I tried lessons once too…

The Problem With Guitar Lessons…

“I remember my first guitar lesson..”.

I was so excited to finally start learning and playing with actual direction. When I had arrived at the guitar shop for my lesson, my teacher was: 5 minutes late; smelled like smoke, immediately scheduled next weeks lesson and then kicked me out so the he could be ready for the next kid after 25 minutes.

I just paid $30 for nothing!

The second lesson came and went as fast as the first. This week I was told to buy a binder and was told at the beginning of the lesson that we would cover how to tune the guitar. We talked about the binder and what types of binders would be acceptable… “Seriously?! I don’t need to pay $30 for this”. Then he asked me if he could take a quick smoke break… “What?!”. Yes, this is a true story.

I just paid another $30 for nothing! $60 total! Not to mention the waste of gas and time.

Imagine if I would’ve have taken lessons for the rest of the year an extra $1500 + $ for gas and + my time

Or for 15 years $23,400 (the amount of time I’ve been playing)

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


(The minimum price to learn guitar through lessons from a teacher)

You better have some money if you take the private guitar lessons from the local guitar teacher route…

But what If you could learn 15 years worth of lessons for the price of just one private guitar lesson? Wouldn’t that be something?! And no appointments, cancelations, guitar teacher smoke breaks and private lesson mumbo jumbo. What if you could learn whenever you wanted to, whatever hour of the day and practice for how little or how long you wanted to at any given sitting. That’s what I’m talking bout! Learn on your own terms!

Also you’d be surprised how many guitar teachers NEVER take the time to prove their skill to you!!! What do you mean by “prove their skill?” If you go to a guitar shop, blindly asking for lessons, you’ll get assigned to the guitar teacher who has an opening that coordinates with your schedule right?.. Why do you think his schedule is open?.. I’ll go on. Let’s say you take your first lesson from him.. Not bad.. you learned the A major chord shape, paid $45 to learn it and you’re on your way home. But wait… Think about this… Why are you taking lessons from him? Did he play something amazing for you and you said to yourself “I gotta learn from that guy!”. No, you don’t know anything about him. He was just the next “dude” in the line-up waiting to take your money. If you were to ask him to let loose and rock out to one song to remind you why you are taking lessons from him… could he? Does he know how to play?.. and most of all… is he good?! You’ll never know!!!

True Story: I had that exact scenario happen to me, 5 lessons in I finally asked this guy to “rock out”, he did and… woa… He should’ve been taking lessons from me…
That’s where this Guitar Made Easy course blows others away – I’ll prove to you right now what I’m capable of and guess what.. I learned with this same course that I’m presenting to you right now…
This could be you!


Yes that’s me in those videos above – My name’s Justin Sours and I’m a 28 year old, self taught guitarist who loves to teach and share knowledge with others. I want to share with you the secrets and the skills that I had to find out the hard way that few know. Go with the Guitar Made Easy method and “self teach” yourself to my level.

Warning: Do NOT buy any book, guitar lesson or course on how to play guitar unless it meets the following criteria:
  • Gives you an outline of what you’ll be learning – If no outline, how do you know what you’re learning? If it will be applicable to what you want to learn, or in the style of what you want to learn
  • Breaks it down EASY! Would you rather learn guitar from Keith Richards or from a NASA Aerospace Physacist ?…
  • Gives you a STEP BY STEP method to learning a song, excersize, idea, etc. Most other guitar lesson videos and books start you at the 19th step instead of the 1st. I can’t tell you how many “Learning to Solo” guitar videos I’ve seen where these guitar teachers say “This is how you play the solo from Stairway to Heaven” and all they do is PLAY THROUGH THE SOLO, they don’t stop to talk, tell you how they are doing it or explain what they’re doing… WTF?! I just wasted $19.99.
  • Sets you up for success! Guitar Made Easy tells you what NOT TO DO which is just as important as WHAT TO DO. Most eager beginner guitarists form bad habits because they are eager to jump right in and they end up taking short cuts which will limit their playing down the road. Guitar Made Easy shows you how to avoid those bad habits and keep you on the right track to constant progression!
  • Give you a “down to earth” and “real world” way to learn the guitar and not just talks in terms of theory and pointless patterns, scales, modes, triads, 9ths and locrian and dorian modes. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE GUITAR TEACHERS OUT THERE NOW DAYS…
This could change your life..

I believe in this method because it’s a part of my life… Guitar Made Easy: A Complete Step by Step Guide To Learning How To Play Guitar is the exact way how I learned how to play guitar and how I’ve come to where I’m at in my life as a guitarist. I’ve taught tons of friends to play and they have reached my level of playing the same way I did – THROUGH THIS COURSE! Guitar Course

Playing the guitar can be a life changing thing.. It allows you to express yourself, your mood, make people smile, win the hearts of your crush, help you out of a tough time in your life and get your mind off stress. It is HANDS DOWN the biggest stress release I’ve found in my entire life and once you start, you will agree. It’s also given me a confidence that I can’t even put into words that has helped me succeed in every other aspect of my life. My Career, Love Life, Friends, Financial, Confidence, Family… EVERYTHING!

You really deserve to treat yourself to this life changing special offer. This really is a once in a lifetime offer that will give you what you always wanted. This course is incredibly easy to follow, genius and an absolute blast! Anyone can follow this guide but not just anyone has the balls to say “I’M READY! I’M DOING THIS!…”. I dare you right now to make the best decision you’ve ever made and be surprised daily with how playing the guitar and sticking with it will change different aspects of your life.

Wait! That’s not all!

To my loyal friends that purchase this once in a lifetime guitar playing package… I’ll give you my ULTIMATE SECRET.. The secret that allows me to sit down, listen to a song, and then play it. The SECRET that allows me to learn brand new songs DAILY.. The SECRET that allows me to learn full solos in one sitting, the SECRET that is BY FAR the most powerful piece of information I have ever learned and finally the SECRET that will make you into a MUSICAL GENIUS!

GuitarMadeEZ - My Ultimate Secret!

Years ago, another musician shared this SECRET with me and my playing SKYROCKETED to the next level and BEYOND!!! With this SECRET you can literally learn any song! – No Matter the difficulty, no matter your playing level, no matter how fast, NO MATTER WHAT! I show you how to use this incredibly amazing SECRET step by step in a series of guitar videos that I throw into this package… FREE!!! That’s right, FREE!!!

And More!…
  • I’ll show you where to get free Guitar Tablature paper so you’ll never need to buy another $15.00 tab book again!
  • I’ll show you how to get lightning fast and start your way to guitar shredding stardom! This trick is how you get really really fast!!!

GuitarMadeEZ DVD Extras

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The Complete Guitar System


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“Don’t be the other 99 out of 100 people that just wish and don’t act. That’s Ok, That’s why NOT EVERYONE knows how to play the guitar. Some people even say that they would give up an arm or a leg to play the guitar like a rockstar… YET THEY WON’T PRACTICE 15 MINUTES A DAY and most of all… they don’t take action.”